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Aua records is the first European company that promote this innovative system for digital distribution that can be used for in a variety of sectors like:

  • Music Industry : onlline and/or physical digital distribution, promo download cards for live gigs and events, promo card for magazine or booking, special free audio cards with band's t-shirts or other merchandising, ticket cards for live gigs with free download tracks, download cards combined with a compact disc or vinyl release, and many more .
  • Corporate / Marketing sector : targeted distribution of your catalogues and other multimedia contents up to date, reserver price list available only of holders of the cards, cards for fairs, free gift cards .
  • Publishing sector : download cards with ebooks and emagazine, combination of all multimedia contents up to date with your physical books.
  • Clothing & Accessories Industry: Tag download cards are the product label with reedeem code to download multimedia contents like an audio track, a video or a simple catalogue of the company.


The operation is simple:

  • the user go to www.downloadcards.it/dev

  • digit the download code printed in the card under the scratch off area

  • the user will be redirect in a personalized web page with banner, image and description test of the downloadable material

  • direct download of the material in his computer ( one time only )

  • monthly report by mail


Some example of benefits for this new system:

  • Indipendent management of distribution and sale of your ebooks
  • Can be used with your physical publishing prodution

Music :

  • Direct control of your digital distribution of your works with no extra costs
  • Possibility to combine with analogic products or as an extra release with a compact disc
  • Ease to trasport in this format to sell it during live gigs
  • Possibility to realize special band merchandising


  • Delivery reduction costs to distribute your catalogues
  • Possibility to have your downloadable material up to date
  • Storage and shipping reduction for fairs


Basic Package : download codes only to use it in your website or for email messages, with hosting and reporting service
Economy Package :
cardboard cards, sticker cards, coloured plastic card printed with one colour only complete with hosting and reporting service
Standard Package
: pvc download cards with 4 colour photo quality in the front side, black / white printing with download code and scratch off area, hosting and reporting service included
Special : Docucard : A4 - 4 colour personalized sheet complete with download card, Tag Card : mini download card to combine it with t-shirt or merchandising

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